Please note, the service is no longer available.
This project has served very well to bootstrap the use of Mastercoin and Omni, but it is currently no longer economic to continue this service. Check out for more information about the Omni Layer (former Mastercoin), if you are interested in the project in general. Feel free to reach out to, if you like to chat!

Awesome, you chose the authentication via!

Receive 0.0025 MSC + 0.05 TMSC as reward.

To redeem this reward you need an activity score above 10 as well as at least 10 posts and furthermore your account needs to be older than March 20, 2015.

Please include the following verification token visible in your user profile on (go to: Profile - Forum Profile Information):


This is needed to confirm you as account holder and you can redo the change right after a successful verification. Please make sure the complete token is visible for anyone who visits your profile. When done, please submit a link to your profile. Feel free to delete the token afterwards - it's only needed for the verification.

Put the token anywhere in your profile
Make sure the token is visible

Or go back instead.

Users shall receive only one MSC and one TMSC reward. If you received a MSC reward earlier, you may only receive a TMSC reward and not both. If you already claimed both rewards (not limited to this authentication) you are not eligible to receive another one.